Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Changes Inside -- Part Five

Had I thought ahead I probably could have come up with more clever names for these recent posts. But, obviously, I didn't. Once the floors get done titles will be better.

Work today, Friday, continued on the floors. Most of the effort was spent finishing up the hardwood in the living room and entry area. Once the wood was installed up to the bathroom door Jimmy was able to lay the last few rows of tile in the bathroom. The tile and the hardwood match perfectly. No step or bump in that doorway.

Pictures below give a little idea of the work done today.

One cool "tool" that was used today helped Jimmy move the stove around effortlessly. It's a pneumatic gadget that consists of pillow like bags that are inflated by a small blower. Once these are under the appliance it can be slid with minimal effort across the floor.

As usual, the finished product shots were attempted with a bright sun shining in. So the pictures are less than ideal. Friends reading this will have to come visit to get the total effect.  And, you will notice, a thorough post construction sweeping will be needed to remove all the dust.

Tomorrow, in episode six, we hope to see:
the bathroom grouted;
the hardwood installed in the kitchen;
the last row of floor boards installed along the south living room wall;
the tile installed on the fireplace hearth; and,
some trim [that I'm not responsible for] installed.

And, also tomorrow, Bobbie and her mom will be arriving at 3283. I'm sure she will keep the progress moving. Though I'll try to make sure we have some fun, too.

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