Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Changes Inside -- Part Four

Work continued on Thursday on the living room floor. Jimmy worked his way across the room from south toward north. He made it all the way across the doorway leading to the porch....and part way into the archway leading to the entry/kitchen.  Enough of the hardwood is in place to give a good idea of the look of the finished product. And it looks wonderful.  Not a lot of explanation is required for the following pictures. Board after board was selected; a bead of glue placed along the grove edge; the board tapped into place; and pneumatic stapler used to fasten each plank to the subfloor. Pictures are below.

Tapping plank into place along south wall.
Every plank was fastened with staples every 4 inches or so.
By the end of the day planks made their way into the entry/kitchen.
The living room isn't finished. Tomorrow the north side will be completed and the hardwood will be installed in the kitchen and entry. Also, the fireplace hearth will be tiled. And, hopefully the bathroom tile will be finished and grouted.  
Below are pictures from the end of work Thursday. 
The floor is going to look fabulous.

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