Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Changes Inside -- Part Three

Expert Flooring, in the persons of Marcel and Jimmy, spent Wednesday progressing on the flooring installation. The day's results weren't as dramatic as yesterday, but things are laid out and in place for two days of very visible changes tomorrow and Friday.

Marcel spent a while calculating the dimensions and building the frame upon which the new raised fireplace hearth will be built.  The tile work will be done after the living room floor is complete; but the 'box' had to be built first.

While Marcel worked in the living room, Jimmy began the ceramic tile work on the bathroom floor. He first laid a bed of mortar and fastened cement board over the existing old flooring. Then he spent most of the day cutting tiles to put in the irregularly shaped room.  All tiles except the last few rows were completed today. He will 'feather' the height of the remaining rows to meet the height of the new hardwood at the doorway. Pictures weren't easy to take as he was working. Bit I did get a few...and some of the floor at day's end.

Marcel also laid out the hardwood for the living room floor. He ran a laser line the total length of both the living room and entry and verified the positioning of the first row of floor boards. He determined that the south wall is relatively straight but somewhat "wavy." The first row was started slightly away from the wall and there will eventually be another row scribed and cut to follow the ins-and-outs of the wall.

After laying down a moisture barrier on top of the subfloor he began to fasten the flooring in place. The Mohawk product requires a bead of glue be placed in the tongue and groove connection and staples spaced about every four inches along the length of the board.  He had about four strips completed at the south side of the living room when he had to leave for the day. With this in place the remaining boards should go quite well when they return tomorrow.  For today I'll include a couple pictures of the work in progress.

That's it for today. A short post. Stay tuned; the posts tomorrow and Friday should show the big changes to the floors at 3283.

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