Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Changes Inside -- Fini

Alright not finished. But the flooring contractor's work is done.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a testament to the dedication, professionalism and work ethic of the tradespeople people we've encountered throughout this project in west Michigan. Specifically to Expert Flooring the installation contractor used by DeGraaf Interiors. They had scheduled work for Saturday; and I had hoped that it would be the final day. But transportation and communication problems prevented them from being here.

When Marcel, Expert's owner, heard about the miscue he personally got involved. Boy did he get involved. He was attending a National Wood Flooring Association training session in St. Louis, MO. He left the meeting and drove back to Michigan late Saturday night. And, at 8:00 Sunday morning was here to finish the job. And, finish he did. He was here a full 12 hours...leaving after 8:00 in the evening. In that time he: reset the bathroom toilet; grouted the bathroom floor; tiled the fireplace hearth; finished the hardwood in the kitchen [including jockying the stove and refrigerator around]; installed the trim at the living room / porch doors; installed a threshold at the back door; cut four doors to clear the new floor; and did a little touch-up to tiles along the front porch wall.

I tried to stay out of his way....only helping a little when asked. Thus I didn't take a lot of action shots. The few I took are below.

The finished product looks fabulous. I still need to install baseboard. When we stand back and look at the new floors the transformation is spectacular. The old, dirty 1950s tile is gone. New 21st century flooring covers the main living areas of 3283. Bobbie made the comment that it looks so good we [almost] don't want to put furniture back into the rooms. Though to enjoy them the chairs and sofas will soon make their return. [Of note: All the 'communication' for 3283 enters through our cable system. Expert's guys kept the table with the TV, modem and router, cellular 'mini tower' and miscellaneous electronics connected throughout the project; moving it as required. Thanx for keeping us 'connected.]

Below are a bunch of pictures that try to show how good the hardwood looks. But, in person it looks even better.

OK. DeGraaf and Expert have met and exceeded expectations. Now I need to stop typing and see if I can do trim work that approaches their standards....while we 
Have Fun
Be Happy.

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