Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little Carpentry

Monday and Tuesday this week were spent handling some personal chores and paying some contractor bills. But I got back to work on 3283 today. As all of my faithful readers know, when the heating/cooling duct work was installed some that fed the second floor needed to be run in the open in the corner of rooms. One was in the west downstairs bedroom, one was in the south east corner of the living room, and a couple were in what will soon be the new laundry room.

All of these need to be "boxed in" and enclosed with drywall, paneling or bead board. Today I began installing the studs to which the wall material will be attached. I finished framing in the bedroom and living room corners. And I got a good start on the laundry room walls. Below are pictures of some real studs......

Simple stud work in west downstairs bedroom.
We'll probably cover this with bead board to match adjoining walls.
Slightly more complex stud work in the living room.
I'll cover this area with paneling that was removed from the south wall.
The ducts in the laundry were much larger and needed a full wall to be built to hide them. This wall will also connect to a small wall containing the door to the basement steps. Today I framed the laundry wall and temporarily secured it in place. It will be completed when I frame wall containing the basement door [maybe tomorrow?] 

The duct work that needs to be enclosed.
[Sorry about the ladder in the picture.]
The framing for the new south wall of our new laundry area.
There will be a small wall with the basement door where the blue tape is on the floor.
Its great to have a basement to work in. Last week we stocked the basement with the lumber for this and some other projects. Today I set up my "shop" down there and had a convenient place to easily cut all the studs seen above.

Ten foot 2x4s were easily cut to the the nine foot plus length
that was needed in my makeshift basement shop.

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