Monday, August 5, 2013

Short Post: Update

I last posted on Thursday. Bobbie spent a long weekend with me. And, while we don't have a lot of physical progress to show we did move forward with some significant actions. We swept a lot of "foam dust" from off the living room and addition floors. I think 95% of it is gone now.

Friday we visited a couple contractors and paid bills [and got some rebate forms for the heating/air conditioning system we had installed]. Then we went to a flooring store and looked at laminate for the front porch. we brought samples back and stared at them for a few hours. On Saturday morning we finely picked the floor for the porch. The store had more than the 13 boxes we needed in stock. So, we loaded up the Jeep and brought them to 3283. I don't think it will be a terribly difficult job installing the floating floor ... but I'm wondering if having someone here to help me would make it easier [Any volunteers?].

The front porch has bright white walls and the new, beautiful blue ceiling. Therefor we chose a darker floor color. We bought Shaw VersaLock flooring. I laid a few planks out on the floor to give a general idea of what it will look like. I'm sure I'll have a comprehensive photo story of the installation.

Flooring -- View One
Flooring -- View Two
Sunday Bobbie provided moral support and held the light while I made the connections from the five new electric circuits to the main circuit breaker box. I did much of the work with the power on but I was much more comfortable making the final connections with the main turned off.  It was a few hours worth of work -- and I make one error that needed to be corrected. But, the addition and basement are now "powered."  Sorry, no pictures. All four of our hands were busy and the camera wasn't close by.

Also, on Saturday and today we had visits from three potential drywall contractors to give us quotes on finishing the living room wall and all walls and ceiling in the addition. The three prices were similar, all seemed well qualified and the time frame for starting/completion was similar. We'll make the decision soon and hopefully have the work done near month's end.

Last fall, in preparation for the excavation, we moved some plants. We hoped they would survive and be able to be relocated once the landscaping could be restored. Along the south side of the cottage there had been for decades a group of Tiger Lilies. These are majestic plants that grow four to five feet in height and have beautiful orange and black flowers. I wasn't sure they would be able to be saved. We transplanted them to an area near the drive and kept our fingers crossed. They did survive. The stems and buds have been maturing all year. And this week they began to bloom. I guess they will continue to be part of the legacy of 3283.

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