Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Baby Steps

A little progress was made the past couple days. Some involved potential contractors; some dealt with fixes; some concerned inspections; and some consisted of scraping and painting. Not much was very photogenic.

We had three drywall contractors come to 3283 to look over the project and give quotes for installing drywall on the living room walls and on the bedroom walls and ceiling. Their prices were relatively close....but one noticed a problem with the insulation. We will decide on the contractor in the next week or so.

Now I had to deal with the insulation issue. As I had described the other day, we used spray foam insulation. In the new bathroom wall the foam expanded behind a drain vent pipe and pushed it out slightly in front of the face of the studs. This would, obviously, cause a "bump" in the drywall. I called Holland Insulating and they sent someone out to fix the problem. The fix was chiseling out the foam and installing non-expanding foam adjacent to the pipe.

Over the weekend and on Tuesday I finished all the electrical work I'm planning under my current Township permit. So, I called fro the "rough inspection." The QElectrical Inspector came by yesterday and pronpoiunced my work "Apporoved." Only rough plumbing inspection is now needed....and that is scheduled for tomorrow.
I also spent some time yesterday with a paint scrqper working on the ceiling of the back porch. That's where the roofers replaced some boards that now needed paint. Obviously the adjacent wood also needed paint....and before you paint, you scrape. Wednesday was scrapiung day. Today was painting day. I put a coat on the entire ceilng and on the new bathroom wall and door trim. It all looks better. But it will definately need one more coat before it's complete.

The ceiling got a coat of paint, but the bare spots and new wood will need another coat. Tomorrow I'll be here for the Plumbing Inspector. Work should be resuming here the week of the 19th when sod will be installed [I hope]. The blog will be unattended for a while. Until I post again, be sure to:

Be Happy. Have Fun.


  1. I had lots of problems posting todat's blog.
    I hope it comes through somewhat well.

  2. It came through just fine. Better problems with the blog than with the cottage work!
    GREAT job with the approval of your electrical work!!
    Back porch looks great too!!