Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Status Update -- Lawn Mowing

The holiday weekend saw activity at 3283 dealing with lawn care and painting. The kind of things that don't make for great blog material. On Saturday we went shopping for a lawn mower. It seems that when you cover the yard with sod and water it regularly the grass grows. And when it grows it needs to be cut. We are now proud owners of a new Toro lawn mower that is guaranteed to start on the first or second pull. This is important for me, who has terrible luck with small gas engines.

Then Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning Bobbie and I grabbed paint brushes and attacked the west side of the house. All of the exterior front porch walls and the west addition wall had been primed, but needed the final coat of paint. Together we finished all three walls of the front porch, the entire west wall of the addition, and the band board along the south wall. I'll work on the north addition wall this week. No pictures.

Sunday morning we went shopping for some supplies I'll need to upgrade the electric outlet and install a light in the new laundry area. That will be one of my other tasks this week.

Once we got back it was time to try out the new mower. It seems kind of silly to be writing about cutting the grass. But for decades the lawn at 3283 has been maintained by a "service." I don't know when the last time a Bona cut the lawn here. Now we have a brand new lawn, and it felt kind of special cutting our lawn for the first time. I wonder how long that special feeling will last.
Bobbie grabbed the camera while I mowed. So here are pictures of me, the mower and our freshly cut lawn.

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