Friday, January 17, 2014

First Month of Winter

Winter is the dormant season. Mother Nature slows down, cools off and rejuvenates herself for the coming Spring, Summer and Fall. 3283 has stood watch over cold winter landscapes since the 1920s. Its not something new for the structure. What is new is its occupancy. 3283 is habitable -- and comfortable -- for the first time during this Winter 2013-14.

It has been a month since I last posted. Work here has also been mostly dormant. On my 65th birthday I left 3283 and headed to Livonia to spend the holidays with Bobbie. I was gone three wonderful family-filled weeks. I returned last week and found everything here as expected -- the heat is functioning superbly, the water is flowing purposefully and 3283 is blanketed in [not so] typical Holland snow. Winter, so far had been colder and snowier than average. I'm not complaining since its giving our improvements a good test. Which, for the most part, they are passing.

Below are a few pictures of our snow-covered homestead. You will notice that I've been keeping our back walks cleared of snow. And I have shoveled paths across our unpaved drive area. The paths lead to our neighbor's garage. Since our drive and garage weren't yet ready for winter, Charlie and Laura graciously allowed us to park in their second garage. We can't thank them enough.

Work on 3283 has also been somewhat dormant. Though over the last week I did nibble off some items from the to-do list. Nothing earth shattering but report-able progress none the less. I finished painting the walls in the addition, cut and installed trim around the windows, completed the electrical outlets and installed heat duct covers. Pictures below. Bobbie will be coming tomorrow for two or three days -- I'm certain she will encourage more progress.

 Happy New Year to anyone still hanging on to this blog. I do promise to add postings when there is progress to report. Finishing up the living room wall, including the [relatively complex] trimming out of the new windows is probably the next project on the list. Then I will be installing the addition floor and hanging/trimming-out the two pocket doors. If anyone out there wants to lend a hand installing the pocket doors let me know.

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