Friday, February 22, 2013

The Plan

3283 has been limited to summer use since it was built. Amazing  carpenters and craftsmen built a wonderful structure back in the 1920s. But it was never intended to be occupied throughout cold and snowy Michigan winters.  Improvements have been made: most windows were replaced, some insulation was put in walls and a marginal heating system was installed.  But early spring, late fall and winter were not times to enjoy the cottage.  And, in recent years some structural issues have been apparent to its minimal stone foundation.

Bobbie and I want to retire to 3283. We look forward to living there year round. We're going to try to fix it up right. Hopefully our efforts will make sure it will be standing for our family to enjoy through another 85 years.

What we plan on doing

Have a house moving contractor lift the cottage off the foundation.
Remove the old foundation and excavate for a basement.
Build basement walls and interior structural supports.
Add a basement for a new first floor bedroom/bathroom addition.
Set the cottage back on the new basement walls.
Replace most of the plumbing.
Upgrade some of the electrical.
Frame and side the addition.
Replace the roofing on the house.
Finish the interior of the addition.
Add a furnace, central air and new duct-work.
Replace front porch floor.
Relocate the back porch half-bath.
Eventually re-landscape [2014 or 15?]

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  1. Exciting stuff!! Looking forward to "watching" this all happen.